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cambridgellargAs always, we are preparing for the next Cambridge exam sessions. On April 22nd, some of our 2nd Batxillerat students will be taking the Cambridge Advanced Exam, which is level C1. Other students from 2nd Batxillerat are preparing to take the First (B2) exam on the same day. We wish them all the very best!

On May 27th we have our largest exam session of the year. Our students from 6th Primary as well as some from 1st ESO will be taking the Key English Test (level A2). Students from 2nd ESO are due to take the Preliminary Exam, which is B1 level. Finally, some of our 4th ESO students will be taking the First exam. This will enable them to start Batxillerat with B2 level and start preparation for C1 in 2nd Batxillerat. This session is also open to students from Batxillerat.

Remember, for those of you who prefer to focus on your English studies during the summer months, we will also be running intensive courses in July. These are also open to future students as well as external candidates. Classes are held in the morning, and students prepare for the exams which are held here at the school at the end of July. Places are available for Pre-Batxillerat, First Certificate and Advanced.

Interested candidates should contact the English Department by phone or email: jmcardle@calella.escolesfreta.cat

You can take a test to determine your level before signing up for the exam. Please sign up early to avoid disappointment as places are limited.

englishtheatreOn March 16th, we are pleased to welcome the English Theatre Company to Freta. This group of native English-speaking actors and actresses specialize in performing original plays in English.

At 10am the first performance will take place in the school theatre, for students from 1st, 2nd and 3rd ESO. The name of the play is William B, the story of an ordinary schoolboy with an overactive imagination.

The second play will start at 12pm, and this time the session is for 4th ESO and 1st Batxillerat students. The play is called Halcyon Days, and is about Shakespeare, acting, crime, punishment and fish! Sounds intriguing…

We’ll be doing activities in class before and after the shows to make sure everyone is well-prepared – enjoy!

patricksdayMarch 17th is a very special day for Irish people around the world, and we also celebrate here at Freta, by wearing our brightest green clothes.

Last year our 3rd years were lucky enough to be in Dublin to see the St. Patrick’s day parade with its colourful floats and marching bands.

Yuliya also gets into the Irish spirit with her beautiful noticeboard and Instagram posts.

Don’t forget to wear green for the luck of the Irish!











guinnessThe meeting for the 3rd ESO trip to Dublin will take place on Tuesday March 7th at 6pm in the Audiovisuals room on the 2nd floor.

We will explain the itinerary of the trip as well as some practical information. Students will also receive contact details for their Irish host families.

Over the next few weeks, participants will be spending some time in class preparing for their trip to the Irish capital, by sending messages to their host families and researching how to get around the city from their family home.

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